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Currently on, it's impossible to know what streamers plans to do everyday without spending time on visiting streamer's profile or social networks. But what if an application is able to merge every streamers schedule that you follow in a single one ?

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All your streamers schedule in one page

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Browsing streamers schedule on Twitch is boring. You need to visit every streamer's profile that you're following to know what they are going to stream on a specific day.
Stop wasting time, use dlystream.

With dlystream, simply sign-up usgin your Twitch account and we will be able to provide all the schedules in one page.

By an enthusiast, for the enthusiasts

dlystream is weekly developed by a french streamer known as deafmute. If you’re looking for support the streamer, please visit and follow the channel !

Back in october 2021, i’ve started to stream on with mainly video-games content and a bit of web development. Then after a raid on twitch, viewers saw the dlystream poc and showed enthusiasm. This was the beginning of a great adventure !